You are currently viewing The Power of Mind over Matter
Brent Knight, CSP; President of ISS, Inc.

Have you ever wondered what you are capable of? Did you ever want to be a musician, an actor or actress, a professional athlete, maybe even a Navy Seal? If so, did you achieve that dream?

I just finished a book called Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins and was reminded of what we are capable of. I was also reminded that the words “I Can’t” and that little voice in our heads that tries to rationalize our thoughts by telling us that we are being silly or that we could never do that are powerful and create self-doubt. It makes me wonder how many people never get started pursuing their dreams because they don’t think they can reach them. To me, this is very sad.

We are all capable of accomplishing much more. More than what we are doing now, more than we have done in the past, and more than we think we can do. Unfortunately, our minds can be our worst enemy and stop us before we even try.

If you read Mr. Goggin’s book, you will be reminded that our mental power is often untapped and can allow us to accomplish anything we set our minds to. We can do it, whether physical accomplishments or dreams and goals. It starts with pushing that little voice down and setting some goals. I think that these goals must be written out, and they must have milestones. For instance, you may want to run a marathon but have not run since high school. Instead of focusing on the marathon, focus on lacing up your running shoes and running around the block. Make two laps the second day and keep adding distance each day until you run miles at a time. At first, it did not seem possible, but soon, you can run that marathon.

Mind over matter is a powerful tool many do not tap into. We often fail to pursue our dreams because of self-doubt, fear of failing, and even fear of the pain that comes with trying.

Think about this and how it may apply to your life. What do you want to accomplish? What is stopping you and why? How can you get started?

Achieving your dreams and goals begins with a plan and then action. Like running a marathon, getting started begins by simply putting one foot in front of the other. After all, sitting on the couch and telling yourself that you can’t certainly won’t get you anywhere.