Project safety management is a rapidly growing solution to the challenges of self-performing your project safety and health efforts and support team.  Why not subcontract your safety program needs to an expert and augment your project team with qualified safety professionals? Most contractors and owners already use subcontractors for areas such as mechanical and electrical work and safety really isn’t any different. Partner with professionals like ISS to get the most from your safety investment.

Intuitive Safety Solutions understands and gives specialized attention to our client’s project health and safety management needs.  ISS is committed to providing a uniquely different and better approach to project management and consulting support, with professionals who are qualified and proven performers.  We are so confident in our business formula that we guarantee each project that we perform.

The ISS Prequalification process begins with the targeting, recruiting, and vetting of the most talented, experienced, and skilled health and safety professionals in the industry. Once we engage a candidate, we thoroughly interview, prequalify, verify, and confirm that the candidate meets our exacting standards. Upon hire, we begin a laborious process of orientation, training, and coaching our safety consultants for success. To verify fit, we encourage all of our clients to interview our employees to determine whether or not there is a good fit for specific project needs and client internal systems.

It may seem that we take extreme measures to hire the right professionals and drive them to success, but there is a lot on the line and success and satisfaction is paramount.

Whether you have a surge in business, a sudden vacancy, need extra support to manage seasonal peaks, or need to cover an employee leave of absence, ISS will always be there to support you with qualified consultants and safety advisors.

We offer highly skilled and thoroughly screened safety professionals who are ready, willing, and able to assist in even the most demanding positions.

Here are a few details concerning ISS safety advisors:

  • All ISS personnel are W-2 employees of Intuitive Safety Solutions.
  • We provide full benefits for all of our employees, including medical benefits, continuing education, and retirement contributions.
  • We promote and support certification and career advancement.
  • We support the families of our employees while they are on assignment.
  • The turnover rate with our employees is very low which drives our metrics of consistency and quality.

As a primary solution for businesses, project safety management and consulting is a vital tool for companies experiencing temporary and occasional needs and can help you keep your business on target, especially during:

  • Vacations
  • Leaves of absence
  • Special projects
  • Peak work sessions
  • Assistance when a direct-hire employee quits suddenly

Some of the key benefits of project safety management include:

  • Subcontracted Services
  • Fast response to immediate needs
  • Offsets production losses
  • Quality assurance
  • Variable cost of labor versus fixed/overhead cost
  • Reduced direct employment costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Zero Legacy Costs
    • Reduced payroll tax issues
    • Reduced benefits administration
    • Reduced unemployment exposure
    • Reduced Workers’ Compensation exposure
  • Maintain budget controls