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Written by Brent Knight, President of ISS

Last week I encountered an issue with someone who really blew it. When I say blew it, I mean giving up a great job for all the wrong reasons.

This person had a job that paid very well. The compensation included a great per diem and all expenses covered. For whatever reason, this person decided not to take care of their personal finances to the point that their employer was notified. This problem then became an issue for the employer as it jeopardized their reputation. The result is that the worker is now unemployed.

Whenever I see things like this, it makes me wonder what the person was thinking. Jobs are a blessing and the people that we get to work with are a blessing. I understand that people have issues but taking care of your affairs to prevent them from impacting your employer is a simple expectation. Why would someone do this? Why would they choose to do the wrong thing?

I don’t have the answers and don’t feel that I have the capacity to see the perspective that this person had. I am just not wired that way and expect that I always make the right decision.

The intent of this blog is not to praise myself or criticize the person I am referencing, but rather to make the point that we all have choices, and it is our responsibility to choose wisely. We get to live with the results of our decisions, some of which can derail our entire lives. I suggest that honesty and integrity are great filters through which to make decisions. Those who follow this philosophy often come out ahead and those who do not, well, things don’t turn out so well.