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Written by Brent Knight, President of ISS

As many of you may know, we applied for and were awarded the honor of Great Place to Work in 2021. A lot went into this process, and it was not easy.

So, what makes a company or a workplace a great place to work? This question can be answered in a million different ways, but it really starts with respect. An employer must respect its employees and the employees must respect the company and its leadership.

This may seem obvious and easy, but it is not. Also, it is not common that this dichotomy exists in companies and really separates good companies from great companies. If you read the books Good to Great or Built to Last by Jim Collins, you will see what great companies do differently and better than the rest of the pack. What is not discussed in detail is the role that the employees play.

Leaders in companies get the credit for all that is good and all that goes wrong. Leaders just set the stage for their employees and team to succeed or fail. Once they set this stage, the employees must choose to work hard to achieve the goals set forth. This is a choice and great companies have great employees who do amazing things.

When you think about this concept, ask yourself this question. What can I do to improve my company and achieve my goals while also improving my job satisfaction? Often the answer is right under your nose and is yours to take.

Great leaders can inspire teams to excel, and likewise, bad leaders can drive teams into the ground. As an employee, we all have the choice to help realize the company’s vision and goals and exceed any expectations that we set for ourselves. The sky truly is the limit when you seize opportunities.