You are currently viewing Cheating, Stealing and Lying
Written by Brent Knight, President of ISS

If there are three things that you cannot do in life and in your career, they are cheating, stealing and/or lying.

This seems obvious and is something that our parents should teach us from a very young age. This does not mean that they are always well defined.

We see examples of little things that people overlook as cheating, stealing, or lying. Examples are using company-paid fuel for personal use, entering time on a timesheet that was not worked, and claiming the work of another for oneself.

These are all very common, but nonetheless, unacceptable. Trust is something that is given and then earned. It can also be lost very quickly. Committing one of the indiscretions above is a very fast way to lose the trust of others and to find yourself on the outside looking in.

In business and in life, we want to set a good example and be viewed by our values. This is the goal of most people but not all. For those who do not believe in honesty and commit one or more of the big three discretions, there will be a path that follows you and your reputation will be tarnished in your industry. It is very hard to come back from a mistake that costs you your credibility and the trust of those around you.

Ask yourself, is it worth it? Would I risk my career for some free gas or a few extra hours on my timesheet? Hopefully, the answer is NO. If so, you will be credible and be viewed for your integrity.