Why become an apprentice?

If you are looking for a satisfying career and would enjoy ensuring that your fellow workers go home safely at the end of every day, then a profession in the field of occupational safety and health might be right for you.  The CSSAP is an effective way to get you there.

Apprenticeship programs provide on-the-job training to anyone new to the workforce or to individuals looking to upgrade their current skills in an industry where safety is a top concern.  As an apprentice, you work at a full-time job while training with a mentor and earning wages and benefits.

In addition, you will attend on-line classes to learn the theory behind the training.  Apprenticeship is an attractive way to earn an industry-recognized credential or degree as an alternative to a four-year, traditional university, trade school, or community college.

Within two to three years, you earn a Journey Level Certificate through the State of Washington and the pay that comes with it.  You also earn credits towards an Associate’s degree in occupational safety and health.

A career in occupational safety and health is an opportunity to earn a family wage and advance your career.

Earn a Living Wage with Apprenticeship

The beginning salary for an apprentice is 60% the salary of a fully trained (Journey-Level) worker who has completed their on-the-job training and on-line coursework.  Certified Safety Specialist apprentices receive pay increases as they learn and perform more complex tasks proficiently.  Upon award of a Certificate of Completion, graduate wages are expected to earn at or near $62,000 per year.

Characteristics of a
Successful Apprentice

You should be detail-oriented, a problem-solver, capable of working independently and as part of a team and have a good work ethic.

Skills and expertise of an
Apprentice Candidate

Ideal apprentice candidate would have:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills;
  • Outgoing with the ability to engage people;
  • Strong math skills;
  • Good investigative and inspection skills;
  • Organized, detail oriented with the ability to meet deadlines;
  • Passion for Safety and the desire to help people.

Get Started Now! 

Think you have what it takes to launch your career in Occupational Safety and Health?  Complete and submit your application to the CSSAP.

Please note, CSS apprenticeships are only available to employees who work for or are placed with one of our current State registered training agents listed below:

  • Exxel Pacific
  • Haskell Corporation
  • Lease Crutcher Lewis
  • Hoffman Construction
  • General Mechanical, Inc.
  • Coffman Excavation

If you currently work for an organization that the CSSAP has not partnered with, encourage your organization to get involved by contacting us at: (866) 362-9552 or email apprenticeship@iss-safe.com   

Apply for the cssap

Step 1:  Determine if you are a good candidate by reviewing the skills above that can help you succeed!

Step 2:  If you don’t believe you meet the technical skills needed, perhaps you should consider a pre-apprenticeship program. Please contact us at (866) 362-9552 or by emailing apprenticeship@iss-safe.com

Step 3:  Apply for admission to Edmonds Community College (EdCC) and complete all entry requirements.  NOTE: You must declare OSH Certificate

Step 4: Download & Complete the Apprenticeship Application

Step 5: Return your completed application to apprenticeship@iss-safe.com or mail to CSSAP, 8525 – 186th St. SW, Edmonds, WA  98026.

Step 6:  You will be notified of advancement in the selection process or encouraged to consider a pre-apprenticeship program.

Step 7: If you are approved for selection advancement, then you will be invited to be interviewed by a CSSAP panel.

Step 8:  You will be notified of your advancement status afterward.

Step 9:  If you are selected to be an apprentice, you will be placed with your current employer, if appropriate, or placed with one of our partnering Training Agent employers and your OJT will begin.

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