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Brent Knight, CSP; President of ISS, Inc.

What are the boat anchors in your life? That’s a funny question, yes, but think about it.

What are those things holding you back? What are the things that keep you from reaching your full potential? Are they naysayers? Are there doubts in your mind?

Here is the reality. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing anything you can imagine, whether climbing Mount Everest or running across the country. The same can be said for realistic life goals. You are truly the only thing in your way of accomplishing your wildest dreams.

As you push for growth in your life, there will be people, actions, behaviors, and things ready to inhibit your progress. Don’t let them.

I call these inhibitors Boat Anchors.

You’re running full steam engines ahead, but these Boat Anchors are stuck firmly in the sea floor, creating an immense drag that holds you back from your optimal performance and course.

Examples include:
• People who laugh at your ambition or tell you to be more realistic.
• Small actions or behaviors you adopt that are sabotaging your growth.
• Suboptimal environments that you allow to persist too long.
• Self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from doing the things you are capable of.

It’s easy to ignore the Boat Anchors if you’re still progressing, but the drag they create is meaningful and prohibits you from operating at your full potential.

So, what are the Boat Anchors silently holding you back? How can you slowly, methodically cut these lines and unleash your full power? To overcome them, you must know what they are and face them. If you do, you will achieve much more than you could have hoped or dreamed of.