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Brent Knight, CSP; President of ISS, Inc.

Today, more than ever, I feel that we, as employers, must prove to our employees that we are worthy of them working for us. A subtle shift in perspective transforms our role from one of authority to becoming a more empathetic leader. As a leader or manager, our role is not just managing tasks but nurturing human connections.

Here are some things that we can do to make this shift. We need to start by listening actively and being present. Make eye contact to show your employees that you are engaged. Empathize with what they are saying or asking. Ask questions to clarify and demonstrate that you care.

When you speak with them, speak clearly, without jargon or acronyms. Also, speak at their level so that they do not feel dumb. Using simple language makes a huge difference in communication. Also, be succinct and avoid rambling on. Finally, repeat and clarify so that your employee understands clearly. On the flip side, it is the same thing when they ask you something to ensure you are aligned.

Words have magic. They can uplift or deflate, so choose the uplifting potion. Let’s brew some positivity by showing appreciation, even when you are not thrilled. Provide constructive feedback that is kind and actionable. Finally, and most importantly, avoid negativity, as it can quickly derail any good you are trying to do.

Our relationships with our employees are more important than ever. We need to nurture them and make them feel appreciated and productive. Doing this will build trust and further open communication so we can collaborate at a high level and win together. This mindset and approach will lead to a more productive work environment, lower employee turnover, and a strong company culture.