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Brent Knight, CSP; President of ISS, Inc.

As I write this first blog of 2024, I am excited to begin a new year and face the new challenges this year will bring.

Over the holidays, I began reading a book called “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. This book is opportune since it is the time of year when most of us create resolutions and set our goals for the coming year. If you have not read this book, buy it. I can honestly say that it is hard to put down and is very easy to read.

In his book, David writes about his life and the challenges that he has faced. He talks a lot about adversity and quitting. More importantly, he talks about eliminating excuses and accomplishments. I find this inspiring and a great reminder of what matters most…challenging ourselves.

I have always felt that humans are complacent by nature. We do what we need to do so that we can coast. Yes, that is a bold statement, but hear me out. We master our environments and create efficiencies that make life easier. As we do so, we can kick back and enjoy things. I would argue that this is a far cry from our early ancestors, who just tried to survive each day.

I feel that it is important for us to face and accept this fact. If we are aware of our complacency and our tendency to coast, we can set goals for ourselves that stretch us. Goals that force us outside of our comfort zones. Goals that are not easy to accomplish. These are the things that bring true joy and make us feel alive. Again, these are not easy, which might be why they matter so much when we accomplish them.

My challenge to you. Set some tough goals that you want to accomplish in 2024. Buy this book to motivate you. Enjoy the journey as well as the results. We only get one life to live, so I encourage you to do just that…live it!