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Brent Knight, CSP; President of ISS, Inc.

As any American knows, July 4, 1776, was a significant day in our history as we declared our independence as a new country, from England.

Our founding fathers seemed wise beyond their time and foresaw so many things that would later come. They were visionaries who were willing to put everything on the line for freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.

As we look back today, it is easy to identify the things that were done right and the things that were not. Even today, we continue to determine our identity as a nation on the world stage. We seem to be on track for a time, then we run astray. Today represents many challenges that we have not faced in the past, at least not like this.

My feeling is that we are all different for a reason. We possess different thoughts, beliefs, and opinions, and in my mind, that is a good thing. This diversity is what makes us so unique and should be viewed as a strength. However, those differences seem to be pulling us apart and it is leading to divisiveness that threatens to tear apart the fabric of our very being.

It can be overwhelming at times, and I hear from so many people that they choose not to turn on the news or connect to social media platforms because they do not want to see the doom and gloom and negative rhetoric. Sure, this prevents some exposure, but it does not make it go away.

As leaders, I challenge every person who reads this to think about what we can do to keep this country at the top of the world stage as an example of what opportunity can create. We are a great nation, full of great people, but we need to collaborate, not segregate.

Together we are much stronger than each of us as individuals, but it is hard, really hard sometimes. As we know, we cannot control the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of others, but we can control ours. We are the example that can make a difference, both small and large. It is our choice to become that influential example that others follow.

As we celebrate this Independence Day with our friends and family, think about what we could be and what each of us can do to help us all realize our potential. Happy holiday to all of you.