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Written by Brent Knight, CSP; President of ISS, Inc.

I am from Generation X and though we are not Boomers, we are very similar and have a higher probability of picking an employer and remaining for an extended period.

This has me struggling with all the changes that I see in the workforce. Whether I agree or disagree with attitudes and approaches on the topic, I realize that I must accept it for what it is.

Times have been good for job seekers with a strong economy, many emerging industries, high demand for talent, and a limited workforce. As a result, there is much more movement from job to job and the average tenure at one employer is significantly less than it was even 20 years ago.

Daily, I see candidates blow by opportunities for short-term gain. As a result, it seems like they are always looking for their next job. Well, my question is, why not choose an employer, not just a job? If you pick an employer, work hard, contribute and show that you are a team player, there will be opportunities for you to grow. As a result, you will enjoy job security, consistent financial stability, and likely, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment.

Taking the short-term route does not allow time to build relationships, participate in a culture or learn to win as a team. Also, you never really get to experience the comradery that you gain when you are part of a team that embarks on a journey of success.

If financial outcomes are the objective, well they come with time. In the past, we used to earn it. Now, employees want to be paid forward, before they are willing to contribute. This formula does not work and has proven itself to fail.

As I said, pick an employer and you will achieve your goals. Be a part of a winning team. Give it everything that you have. Create your own legacy. You will not be disappointed.